VSLPU students of graphic design participated also this year on open contest PDP Creative Media Conference  which was held in Novi Sad from 10th to 13th October  2019.

PDP (Print, Design, Photography) is a Creative Media Conference  which has been gathering designers, photographers and other visual creators for eleven years in order to use lectures, workshops and exhibitions to educate the audience in the field of creative media, as well as to promote the work of students and young authors through contests.

This year’s contest was defined by ’’Absorption’’-the  theme of PDPXI contest.

Works of Teodora Radulj (2nd year) and Nemanja Djurovic (3rd year) entered the selection.

The exhibition of works from this contest printed in risography technique was held in bastion of culture Svilara (former silk factory), Novi Sad within PDPXI. The exhibition was previously shown in Vienna on OFF Vienna Visual Design Festival.