Center for projects, international and local cooperation, extracurricular activities and communications was established in 2018. for the purpose of more efficient implementation of the basic strategic commitments.

Project Art Center engages in artistic, art-educational, developmental, and expert-consultative activities in the field of the arts.

Fields of activities of Project Art Center cover Graphic Design, Interior Design as well as Media images.

The Center conceives, prepares, and executes international and local collaborations, educational, extracurricular, communication, and developmental activities within the framework of artistic, professional-artistic, artistic-research, and applied-research work.

The Center designs, organizes, and delivers training sessions, courses, workshops, and seminars, while also providing certificates to participants upon completion..

Also, Project Art Center establishes a network of individuals, institutions, and organizations whose activities fall within the fields of culture and the arts.

Through project activities, provides support to professors, non-teaching staff, students, and other interested parties in developing professional competencies and entrepreneurial capacities.

The activities of the Center include:

  • Initiating, informing, and consulting with professors, associates, non-teaching staff, and students of the Department of Arts and Design in connection with participation in various local and international cooperation projects in the field of the arts.
  • Establishing, nurturing, and developing collaboration with higher education institutions in the country and abroad that implement education programs in the field of the arts.
  • Monitoring offers of international educational projects (mobilities, cooperation, and capacity-building) in the field of artistic education.
  • Organizing and implementing the participation of the Department of Art and Design at BAPUSS in domestic and international exhibitions, competitions, training sessions, courses, professional seminars, and higher education fairs.
  • Managing and updating the database related to the activities of the Center.
  • Managing informational activities (contacts with the media, professional public, institutions, and partners at home and abroad).


MANAGER Prof. Sonja Vlahović

COORDINATOR Slobodan Peruničić