The master’s program in Audiovisual Composition is located within the field of visual arts. With its interdisciplinary approach, it integrates classical visual education with the latest achievements in the fields of audiovisual arts, computer graphics, multimedia, informatics, and technical-technological areas. This positions the master’s program in Audiovisual Composition as an educational leader for professionals in the creative IT sector, connecting art and digital technologies to the needs of the so-called Creative Industries for the production of visual content and post-production of special effects for film, TV, advertisements, and video games. It is professionally oriented towards preparing students for specific professions and positions within contemporary AV and VFX production.

The master’s program in Audiovisual Composition equips students, with technical and technological changes, for practical involvement in the challenges of modern visual communication. This provides them with the competencies needed for contemporary visual practices and emerging market demands related to the expanded space of images, the creative part of the IT sector, and the Creative Industries such as television, film, theater, marketing agencies, visual effects post-production studios, animation, and video game production. This approach allows the formation of a creative profile capable of complex reasoning, flexible creative work, critical evaluation, and continuous progress through learning, monitoring, understanding, and anticipating cultural, sociological, technological, and market changes in modern society.

The program is professionally directed towards preparing students for specific positions in the mentioned sectors, enabling graduates to work as creative specialists (VFX generalists) performing a wide range of tasks in the production and post-production of artistic and audiovisual content dealing with computer-generated images and working with digital audiovisual material in a production environment (pipeline).