Department of Art and Design is the legal successor to the College of Fine and Applied Arts and is the only department of professional studies in Serbia where education is fully conducted in the field of art.

The department has 5 study programs at two levels of study:

First level: Bachelor’s studies (3 years – 180 ECTS points) with the following study programs: Media Arts, Interior Design, and Graphic Design.

Second level: Master’s studies (2 years – 120 ECTS points) with study programs: Master program in Audiovisual Composition and Master program in Design, consisting of two modules – Spatial Design and Brand Design.

The specificity of the programs at the Department of Art and Design lies in working in small groups and an individual approach through the creation and resolution of various program tasks, artistic works, and design projects. The study programs are designed to develop students’ visual sensibility, values, and theoretical and practical knowledge, combining classical art education with contemporary trends in the fields of audiovisual arts, interior design, and graphic design.

The qualifications acquired through higher vocational education enable students to enter the job market directly through independent work or by joining cultural institutions, creative industries, marketing agencies, architectural firms, design studios, etc. Upon completion of undergraduate professional studies, students can continue their education in master’s professional studies and further specialize in their desired field.

The program orientation of the Department of Art and Design reflects contemporary trends in higher vocational education, a dual concept of studying, with student professional practice as a key foundation for the development and shaping of experts who will be competitive not only in the domestic but also in the European and global job markets.