On April 18th the exhibition “All the Best from VSLPU” opened at Happy Gallery of Student Cultural Centre in Belgrade featuring a selection of VSLPU students’ best artworks in academic year 2018/2019.

The VSLPU students’ artworks are from study programs – Graphic Design, Interior Design, Image Media and they were produced in various media ranging from classical (drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic, illustration, photography), through specific for the study programs (calligraphy, typography, poster, package design, graphic design, interior design, scenography, stop-motion animation), to up to date audio-visual production (digital image, digital video, motion graphic animation, interface and web design, 3D rendering, audiovisual compositions etc).

This exhibition is an integral part of students’ practical work and is held at a public venue, outside of college premises. For VSLPU students it represents not only a final step towards independence but also their promotion and entrance on the scene of the visual arts and design.