The College of Fine and Applied Arts is the only state institution of vocational studies in the field of arts in Serbia and this has been the case for almost three decades. It has seen a number of reforms in its history and starting from  academic year 2006/2007 the college has entered a new transformation and accreditation process on the principles of Bologna Declaration with the adoption of European Credit Transfer System.

The College of Fine and Applied Arts received Work permit and accreditation for the institution and three study programs: Interior design, Graphic design and Image media, after meeting the conditions and standards regulated by the law and in accordance with Bologna declaration. In our college students develop theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and competences, attitudes and artistic sensibility necessary for individual inclusion in the working process. The length of studies is six semesters, i.e. three years. The study program is worth 180 ECTS credits, every subject is done within one semester and brings a particular amount of credits.