VSLPU was invited to join the project of Apatin Brewery „Let’s recycle“.

Jewelery of various shapes, chess made of tin, calligraphy pencil, candle holders and flower pots, chandelliers and lamps and original artworks were among the items made and presented at the Recycle Fair in ’’X Vitamin“ gallery on 22nd May 2019.

Recycle Bazaar is the result of the cooperation of Apatin Brewery with Faculty of Applied Arts and College of Fine and Applied Arts and shows the possibilities of creating applicable and artistic items using recycled material such as PET bottles and cans.

Fundraising sale of goods was the theme of this Bazaar and the collected sum is going to be donated to these educational institutions.

„We are pleased and honoured to have been invited this year to participate for the first time in the project ’’Let’s recycle“. Apart from sending the message about the importance of recycling, our students got the unique opportunity to gain specific experience and to exhibit their own work, some of them for the very first time“, stated Irena Kelečević, project manager on behalf of VSLPU.