The students from our department, Nađa Trklja, Milica Gošić, Nađa Pevac, and Mia Tomašević, participated in the international project “Cognitive Art” (2023-3-DK01-KA152-YOU-000181133). The project was realized within the Erasmus+ youth exchange program and lasted from June 10 to 21, 2024. It was held in Vig, Denmark, at the biodynamic farm and learning center “Ananda Gaorii.”

During the ten days, the students underwent a unique process of integrating life in a self-sustaining community, spirituality, and art. The focus was on empowering young individuals through critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the development of self-awareness through metacognition. They also raised awareness about climate change and ecological sustainability, promoting active citizenship, intercultural understanding, and inclusion among youth.

All participants were engaged in both individual and group artistic projects.

As a result, a collective exhibition was created, a vivid tapestry of expressions from thirty young people from Greece, Latvia, Serbia, Italy, Romania, and Denmark, each contributing unique cultural perspectives. These talented young people explored the depths of their minds, hearts, spirits, and the natural world through theater, film, music, and visual arts.

The entire project was an extraordinary celebration of youthful creativity and collaboration, where different artistic projects came together to showcase art’s imaginative and transformative power.