College of Fine and Applied Arts provides appropriate linguistic support to incoming mobile participants.

For incoming students course in Serbian is offered. College of Fine and Applied Arts organizes a course of the Serbian Language in our partner school for foreign languages. This course is planned to provide sufficient linguistic preparation for students as well as to provide necessary basic konowledge on our culture. The expense of the course will be fully covered by College of Fine and Applied Arts.

College of Fine and Applied Arts ensures that outgoing mobile participants are well prepared for the mobility, including the necessary level of English language competence or other foreign language competence spoken in a receiving institution.

Within selection procedure for outgoing mobility of students, their proficiency in foreign language is checked with written and oral examination according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The applicants not having the required level of foreign language proficiency are obliged to attend foreign language courses in order to be well prepared for the mobility. College of Fine and Applied Arts provides the English language courses by the undergraduate program, during two semesters, and they are obligatory for all students in order to receive their degree.