Exhibition “The Space of Design” is opened at Thursday, March 16, 2023, in Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. This is a compilation of the most successful works of students of our Department . This extraordinary exhibition attracted a lot of public attention, and the opening itself was very well attended. The four units in the exhibit are designed to lead the viewer from the exterior and public to the private and interior spaces. The visual models used in each unit have different
identities that intertwine and permeate in constant continuity, creating a cohesive and interconnected experience for the viewer. The exhibition’s concept revolves around the idea that all spaces where people live, whether private, virtual, or public, are consciously or unconsciously designed. And it is precisely this way of thinking that brings the diverse approaches of students into a perfectly harmonious whole.

Authors of the exhibition setting:

The stage area of the exhibition – third-year students of Interior Design:
Nastasja Jovičić, Aleksa Todorović, Hana Nuhanović, Uroš Bojić, Selena Vunjerović

Third-year students of Graphic Design: Andrea Tijanić, Ena Knežević, Ana Ognjenović

Mentors: professors Zorica Čobanović & Sonja Vlahovic