The vision of the College of Fine and Applied Arts (hereinafter the College) is founded on the idea of flexible and open higher education institution which fosters an encouraging educational environment.  Cooperation with economic, cultural and educational institutions in the country as well as international networking of the College enable its leadership position as a dynamic educational institution, connected to all important factors of the art scene.

That’s why the College continually coordinates its mission with the vision through developing the existing and introducing new study programmes.



As the only state higher educational institution of vocational studies in the field of arts, the College takes upon itself the leadership role in the development of study programmes.

The mission of the College includes continual advancement of the educational process, development of critical thinking and support of artistic creative work and research emphasizing the use of digital technologies in visual arts and design.  Application of new technologies enables more effective acquiring of knowledge and inclusion of graduate students in the working process.

Taking into account that developing creativity boosts the economy and creative industries represent the key strategic resource for increasing competitiveness in modern society, we encourage diversity and creative work as essential features of culture today.

The main goal of the College is to modernize structures of study programmes and take an active part in the development of creative industries through following technology developments and applying them. Special emphasis is given to production and post-production of audiovisual multimedia digital content, following the trends in the graphic advertising industry as well as the use of digital tools in making the interior design.



Long-term goals – leadership position within higher education vocational studies for creative industries and multimedia and international networking.

Mid- term goals – developing of study programmes and technical and technological equipment of the College and more intensive cooperation with industrial, cultural and educational institutions in the country and the region.

 Short- term goals – adjusting of the existing and accreditation of new study programmes in accordance with technological development and Action plan of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.