The students of our school, Ana Bošković, Miodrag Pavićević and Jovan Njegomirović, was selected for one-year paid practice program of the famous Swedish company Ikea. The program titled “E-talent factory” aims at affirmation of young talents in the field of web & digital domains.

This is a great success for our students, as only 10 candidates are selected. The school is, of course, proud that Ikea recognized their quality and gave them a chance to prove themselves.

The program is based on talent-acquisition ideology and attention to the needs of the community for additional professional development programs for young people.

The goal of the practice pursued by Ikea is the cooperation with higher education institutions and enabling students to find an additional way of improving in the field of web and digital sphere.

Areas covered by practice are information technology, web merchandising, web design and web editing.

Congratulation to Ana, Jovan and Miodrag!